Social Media Toolkit

This Toolkit is intended for those seeking to support the Chemical Weapons Convention and OPCW’s 20th Anniversary.

Coordinated use of social media platforms (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) can be a powerful strategy for amplifying important messages about the Convention and the OPCW, promoting 20th Anniversary activities, and reaching new audiences. The tips and resources found here should help States Parties, National Authorities, industry partners, and non-governmental organisations create clear, interesting and relevant social media posts.

The Official Anniversary Hashtag

Throughout 2017, the OPCW will use the hashtag #OPCW20 for anniversary-related social media posts on Twitter and Facebook.

Anyone promoting the 20th Anniversary is encouraged to use the #OPCW20 hashtag.

Why Use

  • 01

    Using the hashtag will make your post part of a global conversation. This means that a post that includes #OPCW20 will reach a far greater audience than one sent without it.

  • 02

    The OPCW tracks posts that use #OPCW20 and will be able to re-tweet and further promote that post.

  • 03

    Clicking on any #OPCW20 in a post shows a list of other messages that have used the same hashtag.

  • 04

    Using this hashtag will increase the reach of a post and make it easier for users to find other information regarding the 20th Anniversary.

Take part in our thunderclap


A Thunderclap is a single message that is mass-shared at a specific time across Twitter and Facebook. Thunderclaps act like social media megaphones by helping important messages rise above the “noise” of all of the other posts.


The Message

“OPCW is 20! Let’s salute progress from all for a world nearly free of chemical weapons. Mission continues. #OPCW20”
Join the Thunderclap

Why take part?

Taking part in this Thunderclap will involve you in an international campaign that will recognise and promote the significance of the CWC and OPCW at 20 years.

Taking part in the Thunderclap will introduce as many people as possible to the #OPCW20 hashtag, helping any posts with this hashtag reach a larger audience for the rest of the year. It can also become an opportunity to attract more followers to individual accounts.

example twibbon

A Twibbon is a small image you can overlay at the bottom of your Twitter and Facebook profile pictures (like a ribbon) to show your support for a specific cause or event.

Show your support for the 20th Anniversary by adding the Twibbon to your Twitter and Facebook profile photos.

Add and Promote the
anniversary Twibbon

Promote the Twibbon

Invite others to show their support by adding the Twibbon. Below are sample posts to use:

Example Tweet

Show your support for a world free of #ChemicalWeapons. #OPCW20 Update your profile picture:

Example Facebook post

For 20 years, the OPCW has been working for a world free of chemical weapons; a world where chemistry is used only for peace, not peril. Show your support for our #ChemicalZero goal by updating your profile picture. #OPCW20

Add the Twibbon

Suggested Social
Media Messages

For 29 April Only

OPCW is 20! Let’s salute progress from all for a world nearly free of chemical weapons. Mission continues. #OPCW20

#OPCW is 20! ______ salutes a world nearly free of chemical weapons. #OPCW20

For Use Anytime in 2017

#OPCW turns 20! A lot of disarmament progress thanks to work of nations, industry, scientists and civil society. Mission continues. #OPCW20

#OPCW turns 20! Let’s salute collective achievements. Approx 96% of declared stockpiles verifiably destroyed. #OPCW20

Any toxic chemical can be a weapon. For 20 years, the #ChemicalWeapons Convention has ensured chemistry means peace, not peril. #OPCW20

Thousands of chemicals are discovered every day. For 20 yrs, #ChemicalWeapons Convention has ensured chemistry for peace, not peril #OPCW20

For two decades, OPCW member states have destroyed #ChemicalWeapons and worked together to keep ahead of new threats #OPCW20

For 20 years, OPCW verification has built trust and confidence that nations fulfil their commitments to #CWC. #OPCW20

For 20 years, OPCW has helped nations become more prepared, responsive and resilient to chemical threats #OPCW20

#OPCW stands for universal adherence to the comprehensive prohibition against chemical weapons. #OPCW20

Longer messages suitable for Facebook and LinkedIn

For 20 years, the OPCW international verification regime has built trust and confidence that nations fulfil their commitments to the Chemical Weapons Convention #OPCW20

___________ salutes 20 years of the OPCW! We are proud to contribute to creating a world permanently free of chemical weapons! Our collective mission continues. #OPCW20


These are sample social media messages that can be tailored to highlight your own perspectives, contributions, commitments, activities, etc.

They may serve to inspire even better social media messages.

___ represents the part of the message left for you to complete.

Always include the #OPCW20 hashtag

Always tag @opcwonline

Always tag @opcw

Getting Started

Images for Social Media Posts

For promoting the 20th Anniversary and associated activities, images on this site are freely available with appropriate attribution. Images are located in the OPCW Moments and Resources sections.


Contact OPCW Public Affairs with any questions.