The 20th anniversary means opportunities to raise awareness about chemical weapons, the Chemical Weapons Convention and the OPCW for audiences around the world. Use freely, with appropriate attribution, the variety of resources offered to bring the anniversary to life.

Social Media Toolkit

A comprehensive Toolkit that includes step-by step guidance on how to participate in a variety of OPCW social media campaigns.

20th Anniversary Branding

A special, limited-time design—referred to as the 20th Anniversary Mark—has been created to assist with the promotion of anniversary-related events and initiatives throughout 2017.


Images that represent 20 years of activity at the OPCW are available through the 20th anniversary collection on Flickr. Unless otherwise indicated, please credit OPCW as the photo source.

Posters & Fact Sheets

A selection of posters that explain the more technical and scientific aspects of the OPCW’s work. OPCW Fact Sheets compendium and multi-lingual versions. All resources are suitable for printing.

Video Gallery

A collection of videos that provide insight into the workings of the OPCW and how it fulfills its mandate.